AlbumDescriptionLast Added ToNumber of Images
Barry & RuthBarry & Ruth at Dawn's 40th...07/05/20123
Hail Weston July 2010Barry & Ruth entertain Davi...15/07/201038
Barry & RuthBarry and Ruth Holiday in S...16/05/20107
Len & Jan in PrestonLen & Jan see sunshine in P...10/03/20102
Bailley's First birthdayBarry & Ruth's poodle Baill...02/10/20092
Matt & Chris test driveBarry & Ruth's sons Matt an...03/10/20098
Barry's PhotosSunny days at Ingleton & th...21/04/20095
Ruth & Barry in ParisRuth and Barry visit Colin ...24/09/20087
Barry And Ruth in Canada 200802/07/200832
Barry and Ruth on the Orient ExpressGobowen to Aberystweth!18/05/20081
Len & Jan in USA 2008Len & Jan in USA 200814/05/200883
MiscellaneousAll the images that dont fi...16/11/200523
School PhotosOld school photos16/11/20052
Hadrian's WallRuth & Barry Easom, Joan an...16/11/200523
Len and Jan in MexicoExperience of a life time!18/11/200544
Autumn colour in ShrewsburyLen and Jan's back garden18/11/20052
David & Ian SwitzerlandDavid & son Ian's trip to S...04/07/20066
Barry, Ruth Europe 2006Barry and Ruth's European t...06/07/200616
October 2006 Ingleton FallsBarry, Ruth & David & Joan ...15/10/200610
Joan & Dave in Newby Bridge 2006Joan & Dave in Newby Bridge...05/11/200612
Wales October 2007Penal, Wales 2007 David, J...15/10/20078
Wales 2007 Jan's PhotosJan's Photos21/10/20074
Len & Jan's new apartment09/11/200728

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